Masta Scaffold ALbury Wodonga Victoria




Delivering on Safety

We recognise that we are continually faced with opportunities to manage and minimize risks to people, property and the environment, whether ours or otherwise. We know that our success is largely measured by how well we see those opportunities and adjust our actions to suit.

We protect our employees and anyone working with us or affected by our activities. Through these actions, we protect and improve our business.

OH&S Performance

Masta Scaffold is committed to safety being the first and most important consideration in everything we do. Through our Integrated Management System (IMS) we provide the framework for the way in which we do work and support our vision of ‘Zero Harm’.

Our documents are updated in line with the principles of continuous improvement; ensuring current practices adhere to our management framework, and that best practice is maintained.

Our safety management system and associated plans are easily adaptable to suit site and customer specific conditions and are made available for approval by the customer representative prior to implementation on site.

Expert Training

As our business grows so does the size of our team, and maintaining high skill levels, and our reputation is paramount. To do this we developed an internal training program and hold regular training sessions.